Hybrid CLOUD
Performance Computing

Hybrid and multi-cloud computing environments are complicated to create, manage and operate, resulting in inefficient use of resources.

The Atrio Composable Cloud is easy to create, easy to manage and operate, and provides optimal use of resources.

Run Your Workload Anywhere

We use Singularity™ container technology which is specially designed to be secure and portable across different computing platforms and environments. Insulate yourself from changes in tool and library versions and operating system upgrades. Use our platform to ensure repeatable results.

Easy to follow step-by-step guides help you to run application containers and lets you test them across different platforms and clouds.

Cloud Agnostic

Our platform frees you from the vendor lock-in and allows you to select the best computer resources for each of your workloads – choosing from AWS, GCP and Azure pop-up instances, and allowing you to use your own on-premise or external clusters, when that is the better choice.

Simple and unified interface

Use the same simple web-based user interface for running workloads on any cloud and on-premise computing resource. Expert users can use the command line interface, or operate with our platform using scripts against the restful API. The flexible UI provides support for advanced computing, using parallel and distributed programming models.

Container Agnostic

With our Atrio Composable Cloud you can use native Singularity containers – but you can also import and run your Docker containers, which will automatically be converted to Singularity. We offer fully interchangeable operations between all the main container technologies.





Continuous visibility

Compare costs and performance in hard numbers, Plan your computing resources: determine best fit for your workload across your data centers and clouds

Performance data-driven recommendations

Accurate data-driven recommendations to right-price/performance and right-scale compute— seamlessly across cloud, on-premise and any resources available to the enterprise


Application performance forensics

Application performance forensics on an ongoing basis to ensure that you are always running each application in the best place, with the right software on the right hardware and at the optimized TCO


Data Gravity

Data-aware orchestration of compute resources:

  • Ranking compute resources on “proximity” to data
  • Optimizing data transfer within compute workflows
  • Enables collaborations on large datasets

Cloud computing and Infrastructure agnostic workloads

Unifies any common infrastructure and cloud services into a single elastic computing network.

Abstracts away barriers between enterprise and cloud computing resources, creating a truly ad-hoc computing platform.

  • Create once, run anywhere
  • Cloud service provider agnostic
  • Same interface to compute on any cloud and on-premise


      Robust Customization, power and flexibility

      Leverages emerging Kubernetes and batch systems with advanced parallel and distributed computing programming models.
      Multiple user profiles, powerful CLI, and developer APIs that leverage emerging Kubernetes and batch systems.

      We build high performance and high throughput computational cloud services for enterprises and offer a computing market… without being a cloud service provider

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