I'm a CIO or Data Center Manager

I want to build my own composable computing cloud, using the Atrio platform.

Simplify and expand easy-to-use access to computing assets anywhere

Easy Engagement Recipe

Getting started with the Atrio Composable Cloud (“ACC”) is easy, with just a few decisions to make along the way.

Typically Atrio can deploy an initial version of your ACC, for discovery, testing and training purposes, within 3-5 business days after the start of your engagement.

Cloud-hosted or Self-Hosted?

The ACC can be deployed to a Public Service Cloud instance, or to a server in your data center. Cloud-hosted is the preferred model – this generally involves less work to get it set up, and gives you resiliency and security, as well as being easier to support, since the ACC instance is not behind a firewall. However, if your data needs to be kept 100% on-premise, or if you are planning to use only on-premise compute resources, then an on-premise data center ACC deployment may be preferred.

A Hybrid cloud or Internal-only resources?

How do you plan to compose your computing cloud? If you want to take advantage of the ACC’s ‘burst-out’ capabilities, including Public Service Cloud resources or Supercomputer Center resources, or if you will also be sharing your on-premise resources with partners, you should plan to create an ACC Hybrid computing cloud. On the other hand, if you will be using only on-premise data center resources that are internal to your organization, you can specify a regular ACC composable cloud (and you can always add ‘burst-out’ capabilities later).

Initial Workloads for Containerization

One of the most convenient aspects of working with the ACC is that you have complete control of the pace of your migration to your new cloud platform. You will need to install the latest version of Singularity on the compute clusters you plan to incorporate into the ACC, and once you have done that you can decide which of your own applications and workloads you want to containerize and load into the ACC library (and keep in mind that the ACC is pre-loaded with a wide range of applications that you can also access and use). Similarly, you can add groups of users to the ACC on a schedule that makes best sense to you.

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