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The Atrio platform provides an easy-to-use browser-based user interface plus API and command line interfaces for expert users and scripting.

I’m looking for a friendly place to run my workloads

We simplify and expand easy-reach access to computing resources anywhere.

Our mission is to accelerate time-to-discovery, reduce time-of-iteration, increase fidelity of experiments and of big data analysis – to revolutionize and accelerate the innovation process.


People lacking compute power are looking for:

  • A seamless experience to use HPC in the cloud
  • An extension of computing services on top of existing infrastructure
  • Dynamic provisioning of applications and workflows spanning edge-to-cloud

No more surprises

Atrio calculates cost and execution time, including wait, setup and transfer times for every job

With the Atrio Platform the users can:


Offload their compute to the cloud seamlessly


Keep using their on-premise resources


Benefit from our agnostic platform to orchestrate their workloads

How to get started


Bring your own license or use a license provided by the platform

Set up a contract with a cloud service provider
The platform will manage the infrastructure, licenses and containers
Atrio will connect to the license server and the customer will receive the credentials to use the application in the target cluster

Do you want to see how to use it?

Discover our awesome tool in this video featuring a fluid simulation using OpenFoam and our platform.


Do you want to know more?

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