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Containerization Services


Workflow Containerization

Atrio uses leading edge Singularity containerization technology to create and maintain secure and highly portable job and workflow containers, for its customers. Atrio containerizes a variety of computing frameworks:

  • Distributed computing, such as Spark 
  • Embarrassingly parallel, such as Hadoop
  • Machine Learning and AI structures, such as Tensor Flow 
  • Parallel advance computing MPI

Build Service

The Atrio Composable Cloud platform includes a container build service, allowing Developer Users to import or create their own containers – including Docker containers which are automatically converted to Singularity. The Atrio build service supports building containers for a variety of CPU and GPU architectures, including X86, ARM, Power and FPGA accelerators, and can be integrated into pre-existing build services.



Atrio maintains a versatile, secure, container repository providing safe storage for custom built containers. Atrio can integrate its containers into existing repository services.



Atrio offers container development workshops, to help customer engineers develop the skills they need to create their own workload containers. Trainings can be shared-screen, or classroom focused.

Performance Tuning Services

Atrio uses its ‘secret sauce’ proprietary technology and performance tuning assistance provided by its built-in application profiler, to i) recommend specific application optimizations and ii) to optimize the matching of workloads to ‘best fit’ on-premise and cloud computing resources.



Atrio works with its customers to analyze, tune and optimize the performance of containers running on the ACC

Platform Customization Services

Platform Customization Services


Integration Services

Atrio works with its customers during the design and deployment phases of an engagement to i) integrate its ACC into existing firewall and data connectivity infrastructures and ii) tightly couple its data control functionality with existing corporate Data Management services.


Identity and Access Management

Atrio currently offers LDAP,  is adding AD support and intends to support a variety of other IAM systems, as these become available and are requested by customers.


Quota Support

Atrio is adding group quota management services, to provide ACC administrators with fine grained operation of cost control features, on a group or project basis. Atrio provides engineering services to customize resource usage and billing functionality to integrate fully with existing customer systems.


Access Control List integration

Atrio is implementing per-object ACL’s. This feature will allow ACC administrators to control i) application and ii) resource queue access, on a ‘per user’ basis. ACL enabled ACC deployments will be suitable for multi-tenancy use-cases.

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